Blue Square Writers Studio provides professional editing and consultation services for fiction and creative non-fiction. All Blue Square editors are themselves writers with their Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Because we're all advanced writers ourselves, our services are unlike any other.  We understand and empathize with the nuances and struggles inherent to the craft of writing.  We tailor each project to specifically fit your styles and needs, providing personalized expertise to your project. We're here to help you become a better writer while on your way to publishing a great book. 
We pride ourselves on our individual, personalized service, and we handle any and all aspects of the writing process. Whether you need guidance in starting your novel, brainstorming a stalled idea, putting the final polish on a finished book, or writing query letters to agents, Blue Square can help. Since 2012, Blue Square has worked with clients from all walks of life, with all genres of writing, and has a long list of satisfied customers. We work to establish long-term relationships with all of our writers, and many of our clients publish their work and continue on to write second and third books. 
We edit in two distinct ways:
First, we provide in-text edits. With this, we make any grammatical, spelling, or mechanics corrections that are required – i.e. the typical copyediting. If there are repeated errors, we'll teach you how to fix those. We also interact with the text like a normal reader. We write comments on the manuscript (digitally, using Word's Comment feature), ask questions, make comments, and let you know how we're reading, on a sentence-by-sentence level, what you've written. We focus on both major and minor issues, offer suggestions and fixes, and we also compliment what you're doing well.
Second, we give you a write-up (about 3-4 pages) addressing overall issues, compliments, and suggestions. In this write-up we detail big-picture and whole-book concepts and how you can best handle them. We offer mini-lessons and explanations on writing craft specifically focused on your style and project. After we've returned the manuscript to you, we're also available to answer any questions or clarify any comments we’ve made – anything to help as you take the next steps in the process.

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About Christopher

Writing and Skiing are two passions of mine. Skiing requires training, lessons, tips and advice. The most important part of improvement is practice. You start small. You hold your wedge down the green circles. You learn parallel, and soon you’re carving down blue squares. After some time, you’re negotiating tight trees, dropping 10-foot cliffs, and floating in feet of powder on a black diamond.
Writing is no different. You start easy and progress.
As I grew into an expert skier, I found that coasting along a green circle didn’t have the thrill like when I first started. Blue squares soon became less than thrilling as I advanced to black diamonds. 
And as I grew as a writer, I felt the same way. I had a lot of fun learning the basics. But most of the blogs, books and advice out there were for beginning writers. It’s good information… but what’s next? I felt stuck in the middle. I knew all the basics, but couldn't yet publish my writing and didn't understand some of the more advanced nuances of the craft.
That’s why I started Blue Square Writers Studio. I wanted to create a place where intermediate writers could find others like themselves, find others who were equally passionate and facing the same issues. I wanted to document my learning as I discovered more about writing. I wanted to teach others what we really mean when we talk about Voice or Character or Point of View. What does Voice in writing really mean? How do I deliberately create a Voice in my writing? What does it mean to shift Point of View? How do POV and Voice work together to make Character? I wanted to concretize these abstract ideas.
To accomplish this, Blue Square works directly with writers to help them improve their craft. We're not a publisher, so we're not here to make money. And we're not copy editors here to fix your commas. Blue Square genuinely helps you become a better writer. Next, my blog, The Blue Square Writer, details some of my experiences as I learned to answer those nuanced questions, along with some random musings on how I ventured from green circles, through blue squares, and how I ended up on the black diamonds. I'll discuss all the aspects of writing I've experienced - from my first creative writing class in college, through community workshops, to my first publications and earning my MFA. 

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