I have been teaching yoga for more than 15 years. I am a certified yoga therapist and can guide you through the healing journey. Each individualized yoga therapy session will cover physical yoga postures, specialized breathing exercise, a spiritual program, Relaxation, and meditation all together lead you to heal not only your physical body but also heal emotional, mental and spiritual body. contact her with any questions you may have at

About Shari

I started teaching yoga since 2004. Teaching and learning has been my passion to heal people. I have been teaching integrative yoga therapy ( body, mind, spirit ) classes more than a decade. My job is improving people’s lives. I share my knowledge and experience with any question you may have in regard to healing foods, exercise, chakra balance, acupressure massage , relaxation and meditation.


Yoga + Relax + Cupping - $80 
2 hours total 
Group Yoga Lesson - 1 hour - $60 
Private Yoga Lesson - 1 hour - $40 


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Full refund if cancelled just before the booking starts.

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Orange County

Suite 380 , 881 Dover Drive, Newport Beach, CA, 92663

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Newport Beach and surrounding areas

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