In a few weeks you will get better at:
- Music Theory
- Music Reading (Beginners)
- Rythm Reading
- Learn any song you want!!!
- Scales
- Technique
- Songwriting
- Logic Pro X (Medium Level)
- NOTE: This is not a pre-programmed course, so its pretty much free to whatever subject you want to get better at, learn, or approach in the session!!!

About Rafael

My name is Rafael and I am a student at M.I. (Musician's Institute), my experience at the school has been amazing regarding the knowledge I have acquired since I started attending M.I., and I would love to share this knowledge to anyone who is interested in an art of expression such as music. 

- Two studio Albums.
- 10 year experience with the Instrument.
- Very easy going and patient.
- I like the Blues, Classic Rock, Funk, Rock/Blues, Alternative Rock...


Guitar Lessons by Session 
$200 for 4 sessions. $50 per additional session.
Guitar Lesson - 60 minutes - $60 
Guitar Lesson - 30 minutes - $50 

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