One on One Personalized Computer Class 
Dusto will come to your location of choice, sit with you and give you personal help by ansering questions, and providing you with knowledge on how to use your machine and its features.  Simple to hard. Beginner to Expert.  Business to personal use.   He can teach you software, hardware, programs, and Apps of nearly all kinds.
But he can also keep it simple and patiently teach you or your loved one how to navigate the web.
He can help teach you to use spreadsheets, Microsoft Office programs,  Lots of Apple programs (He used to work there too...) 
he can help you to learn to organize your photos, edit film, make music, create graphics with Adobe programs using their Creative Cloud suite of apps (Affinity too), he can teach you social media tricks, and even make you smile!  Well, we hope he can! :-)

About Dustin

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Cancellation Policy: Flexible

Customer gets full refund on cancellations.

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Los Angeles


All of Los Angeles, The Valley, Orange County, Cyn Country,& the Inland Empire.

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