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Are you starting a new company? Will you be raising money from angel investors and venture capitalists? Are you considering crowdfunding?

Want to have a seasoned serial entrepreneur with 10 companies under his belt and two $100 million exits assist you?

Please give me a call and let's have a chat about your business idea, followed by a meeting. I love working with first time entrepreneurs!  Your greatest enemy is what you don't know that you don't know. You greatest asset can be having an experienced adviser coaching you. Starting a company for the first time (and maybe always) involves a lot of trial and error. I can help you minimize the upfront errors. How many times have I hear, "Tony, if only I'd know you when I was getting started..."

I can help you with writing your business plan or write it for you. Ditto on your PowerPoint presentation. I write plans and pitches that draw investors. I know the angel and VC ecosystem in Southern California and can help you navigate the potentials and the pitfalls. I can help you prepare for pitch meetings and even go with you, if you like. (Investors like to see that first time entrepreneurs have experienced people on their team.)

The first two hours are on me. Let's see what you've got and how it can be made better!

Tony Materna
Santa Monica, CA


Business Consulting by Tony starting at $200  

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