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How It Works

Create a GŌHĪSŌ influencer account and we'll work with local advertisers to bring you quality campaigns.

Choose the gigs you're interested in and post authentic and engaging content that's true to your style.

Complete the post, share it with your followers and provide the engagement metrics to get paid. Payouts reach your bank account within 24-48 hours.

Earn Money Doing What You Do Best

Our mission is to bring you sponsorships that will lead to compelling content for your fans. From the trendiest startups to new businesses in your area, choose from a constant flow of opportunities across multiple categories. Sponsorships usually include an IG story, IG post or a combination of the two along with a caption, mention, hashtags and check-in at the business (if applicable).

We Love Our Influencers!

GŌHĪSŌ is FREE to join without up-front fees or gimmicks and you NEVER give up rights to your social media accounts! You decide when and who you work with and for how much and our team will help you list ANY other services you'd like to offer. In many cases, we'll negotiate with the advertiser to provide you with a complimentary item or a very generous discount in addition to your sponsorship (if applicable).

Build Your Brand on GŌHĪSŌ

GŌHĪSŌ helps you turn your personal brand into a business by connecting you with local advertisers that believe in you! We want your posts to be as authentically YOU as possible and believe the best campaigns don't feel like ads at all — it’s important that you always maintain credibility with the audience you worked so hard to build!


DJ Lessons by Skyler starting at $0 Los Angeles
Lash Extensions by Jazlyn starting at $0  
TV Mounting by Anvar starting at $60  
Personal Training by Gabriella starting at $0  
Modeling Lessons by Christina starting at $65 Los Angeles
Wellness Coaching by Saarah starting at $0  
Phone Repair by Dustin starting at $0  
Mobile Spray Tan by Samantha starting at $25  
Photo Booth by PhotoboothRent starting at $100  
Book a Boo PhotoboothRent starts at $50 /month  
Auto Window Tint by Raheem starting at $150  
Mobile Auto Repair by Raheem starts at $125 /month  
Other Business by Dale starting at $140 Orlando
Wedding Officiant by Clarence starting at $25  
Server by Miss starting at $35  
Other Business by Jose starting at 0 San Diego
Eyelash Lift by Jackeline starting at $10  
Event DJ by Eddie starting at $499  
Mobile Spray Tan by Samantha starting at $25  
Models 4 Hire by Meytar starting at $50  
Personal Training by Adam starting at $120  
Bartending by Smoking Gun starting at $0  
Photo Booth by Maria starting at $450  
Event Photography by Julia starting at $150  

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